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Who We Are & What We Do

Women on wheels Boston is a community group of women of all ages who ride together. It’s a safe space where women regardless of cycling level can come together to ride and enjoy the sport alongside other women. We welcome new cyclists to join our city and out of town adventure rides and special events. 

The idea of riding together started during quarantine when founder Yari DeJesus started solo rides, sharing joy rides and city adventures on Instagram showing others how cycling helped her cope physically and mentally. The group grew from social media by following social distancing measures, maintaining six feet of space between each rider.


Women on Wheels Boston promotes and encourages cycling and bicycle safety through education, community outreach, and events. Our purpose is to bring cyclists together in a friendly social environment for a fun and healthier lifestyle.



Yari DeJesus launched Women on Wheels Boston with the goal of empowering women to participate in cycling. She began cycling at the age of six in her native country of Puerto Rico and always had a passion for the sport. Her cycling journey became more frequent after she moved to the City of Boston in early 2019, where she began commuting daily to work and school on her bike.

Yari is a spearhead entrepreneur and community organizer who enjoys bringing people together. She graduated from Salem State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and a minor in Social Work. She then pursued her Masters and recently graduated from Northeastern University with Master’s Degree in Public Administration.



Team Work


Girl Power



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