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Ways to Give


We need your support in order to grow Women On Wheels to create programming, future events, food/beverages during rides and workshops. Please consider making a donation. 

In Person

Send email to and we will set up time and place to meet up in the community

By App

Cash App and 
Venmo are welcomed.


Our donations are processed by


At our next Event

Want to volunteer at our next event? We would love to have you! Currently we are in need of:

Mechanical support - someone who can provide assistance with flat tires, basic bike check such as air, breaks, chain (ABC's).

Traffic control and safety support- someone who can provide assistance in re-directing our group through streets and intersections. 

Around the City

Want to lead a group?


We are looking for volunteers interested in leading small group rides. People love riding with others, help our community grow and let us know if you are interested in leading a small group in your area. 

Become a Sponsor


Want to become a sponsor? Contact us

Thanks for submitting!

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